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Innovation is essential when it comes to varieties to offer consumers only the very best. The varieties and cross breeds we select have been chosen for growing in the mountain areas from June to September. The berries themselves are long and conical with an appealing red colour, firm flesh and exceptional shelf life. In the Verona area, research is ongoing to improve the already high quality standards of the original varieties grown, to adapt them to valley cultivation. These berries are harvested in April and May and then a second time in October and November. They are top-quality varieties that stand out for their characteristic aroma, high sugar content and excellent shelf life.


Its smooth blue colour makes it appealing to the eye and its tart yet sweet flavour and firm, crunchy flesh make it an extremely tasty fruit. The blueberry is without doubt one of the strong points of the “Consorzio Piccoli Frutti”. A favourable climate, intensive research into varieties, and growing expertise mean that “aurorafruit” customers can enjoy blueberries of the highest quality from June to November. The best early varieties ripen in Verona in the period late May-June, while the very late varieties are harvested in October and November. Medium-late varieties are harvested in Trentino in July, August and September.


The varieties we grow come from selections of cultivars and cross breeds from all over the world - sometimes exclusively cultivated and sold under the “aurorafruit” name - producing excellent quality fruits of good size, with a surprising shelf life. Cultivation in ideal climates, with expertise in growing techniques and attention to the latest developments at international level, have led to the introduction of new reflowering varieties, making it possible to supply excellent-quality raspberries, constantly, from May through to November.


The choice of variety is one of the most important aspects in growing blackberries, since it is no easy task to find a variety that is suited to cultivation while also possessing the best possible taste and aroma qualities. This marvellous fruit, with extremely high anti-oxidant content, risks being ignored by consumers who don’t know it well enough. Those who have been lucky enough to taste a wild blackberry know all about the potential goodness of this fruit. The varieties grown by “aurorafruit” are the best available. The fact that there are three varieties, grown in two very different climates (the Veronese valleys and the mountains of Trentino), means that quality fruits are available from May to November. Careful research into types and numerous international contacts have allowed the “aurorafruit” group to preview the most promising new varieties and to assess them in our growing areas before choosing the ones most suited to the growing climate.


The currants sold under the “aurorafruit” brand are mainly redcurrants. The early ripening variety is grown in Verona and harvested in June. The classical, late-growing varieties are grown in Trentino, where they produce very long, compact and shiny bunches of extraordinarily beautiful fruit. Currants are particularly high in organic acids. Their acidic flavour makes them a distinctive ingredient in fruit salads. These bright berries and wonderful bunches are also the ideal fruit for garnishing cakes, desserts and even starters.


Aurorafruit adopts a modern view to fruit growing for its cherries. The cherry orchard is managed using the very latest growing techniques, with semi- dwarf rootstock for easier harvesting. The smaller size of the trees means it is possible to cover them with rainproof canvases and by preventing the fruits from getting wet, we can guarantee that they are picked at the perfect degree of ripeness as well as being free from any rot or chemicals. The “aurorafruit” cherry is grown in Trentino and it is a fruit that stands out from the rest of the market for two reasons: its characteristics are superior in terms of quality and it is also available in the late summer when traditional varieties are no longer available.













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